Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Youth Movement In Indian Aviation...

One can see the youth movement in the cockpits of some Indian airliners. 19-year-olds are flying as first officers in aircrafts like Boeing 737s and A320s and the four-striper beside them might be as young as 25. In India about 5 percent of commanders on jet aircrafts are under 30 years of age. Thnax to the rapid expansion of Indian aviation. Indian pilots are now, trained almost exclusively for airline positions and the training has become very focused. A young pilot can be commercially rated at 18 years of age and, for some airlines, it needs just 1,500 hours of flying hours to get control of the wheel. Is it good or bad??? especially given the demanding flying conditions in India. If one becomes a commander after flying as a copilot for only two years, there is a level of risk involved due to lack of experience. One must remember that a 19-year-old copilot may be sharing the cockpit with a 25-year-old commander -- there are hardly any years of experience between them. to read complete click on the title... Indian bloggers listing
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