Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hobby Flying in India

Commercial aviation in India is booming, as is the demand for professional pilots, but the development of "Hobby Flying" shows that the industry's growth is not restricted to the commercial side. Though infrastructure still serves as the key bottleneck, some 50 private aircraft were added over the last year to the country's flock of 208 general aviation aircraft, according to the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. A few resort-style aero-sports club expected to open. Dedicated flight schools are encouraging people not only to learn to fly, but to buy, and are seeing uneven interest with "more enquiries from women," according to Anil Thapar, director of Rajasthan Aero Sports Club. The club will serve to train new pilots, with private and commercial classes set to begin in May. As a developing market, general aviation is still perceived to be a very expensive hobby in India, and that is also leading to the development of the microlight market.

Indian Aviation in the new year...

Happy New Year... with this note let me point out some of the issues i am concerned about in this new year... -
  • What if after the coming General Elections govt. gets changed & it keeps different views than the present one?
  • What if the ATF (Aircraft Turbine Fuel) keeps on rising?
  • Will the new MD of Air India be able to do what the present is dreaming of?
  • Is some other LCC will have the same fate like that of Air Deccan (now known as Simplifly Deccan)?
  • Will common man will still be able to take on the skies wit rising fares n taxes?

In the end just hoping that this yr turns out to be excellent one for the Airline Industry.


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