Friday, September 12, 2008


As promised I am finally publishing the Interview with MyJet CEO Mr. Sudheer Nair. It can viewed by clicking here... It was an email based interview which was a part of couple of mail sent to him. I thank him to replying all the questions. New concept of Air Charter will be started by MyJet. Hope readers will enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Indian Aviation: lost & gone...

Its been a couple of months that I am not active with my posts. I know that its long due to give a good post & share a great piece of knowledge. Being working with Club One Air & watching closely my fav. sector has only given me a lot of disappointments specially with the growth of this industry. Like every body else I can also blame high ATF prices & blah-blah... I just want to know the base of this halt in growth. Are airlines to be blamed just like ATF hikes, I personally dont think so. In my opinion, Govt. is to be blamed for its double standard policies, be it development of airports, giving permissions to airlines to fly abroad or entry of new airlines. Govt. made such a hoopla about regional airlines, what happened to them. None of them has taken wings. In the past it self so many low cost airlines started but, nearly all of them are in the stage of dying. 
Who is at fault???


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