Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Small aircraft @ Delhi...

On the eve of Independence day the Business-Standard published a news on front page regarding not allowing small aircrafts @ Delhi Airport... the excerpts from the news-->
  • Delhi Airport will not allow additional smaller planes from winter of 2007-08, these aircraft include ATR's, Bombardiers, Embraers & Sukhoi Superjet 100.
  • DIAL's decision maight be followed by GVK grp-controlled Mumbai Airport (MIAL).
  • Small aircraft movements (landings & take-offs) account for 10% of the 650 aircraft movements a day. the industry estimates that with thee regional airlines policy, at least 150 movements of small aircrafts will b added in the nxt 12 months.
  • The Govt.'s policy to encourage connectivity, most of these aircraft (below, 40,000 kg) do not pay landing charges to the airports. this move is expected to act as a dampener for the Govt. recently announced policy to encourage regional ailrines.
  • DIAL is also considering a move to impose landign charges on smaller planes currently landing in Delhi, though nothing has been finalised.
  • Its said that the higher runway occupancy time of Bombardiers & ATR's reduce the movement of heavy aircraft, which provide the main chunk of airport revenues.
  • Small aircraft lacked the category III equipment landing in a fog, which would result in delays & inconvenience to passengers.
  • DIAL may consider permitting smaller aircraft once new runway is commissioned in 2008. The ban of smaller aircraft will impact the growth of regional airlines, which will primarily b using ATR's & Bombardiers. (for complete story on the title of the news)

I personally feel that this is a ploy against the development of regional airlines. may be any of the big or established airline is ploying hard to hinder the progress of regionnal airlines.

A few of the points that clicked me are-

  1. how come this move is taken only after the announcement for new policy for regional airlines.
  2. why this move is to be implemented in the winter season of 2007-08 at not right from now.
  3. how come a small aircraft like ATR or Bombardier takes much longer time on the runway, whereas, they need shorter runway to takeoff.
  4. also, the new aircrafts always have new avionics(all equipments used by pilots while flyin an aircraft...) installed in them, so how come they dont have the so called "cat-III" equipment, where as all the delays in fog are caused by bigger aircrafts which are older & the cost of implementing these equipments is much higher.
  5. when, the Govt, has announced that it will gv concessions in landing charges, how come DIAL announcing that it may charge the landing charges.
  6. to b on safer side DIAL says that it may allow smaller aircraft, when the new runway is ready, which I feel that is not likely to be completed on time.

these are a few questions which put creates a lot of confusion...some of the Delhi & NCR based airlines are-

  • Spicejet
  • Indigo Airlines
  • Indian (now, Air India)
  • Jagson Airlines
  • MDLR Airlines...
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