Saturday, August 18, 2007

Competiotion @ its best...

Objective of the hoarding was to highlight the Image makeover of Jet Airways. It was done to reposition the airlines as an int'l airlines. The theme of the ad shows that the airline has, some of the issues which i feel left uncovered were, as the airline changed its logo it has not been given much attention. If the size of logo would have been big enough then, the hoarding would have been much more effective. now, if some1 gives a simple look to it, its hard to find out which co. has is it for. even, the name of co. is written in very small, it should hv been big & bold.the message is nt so clear, wat could hv been, at least wat 1 can expect from Jet Airways. now, it looks sm kind of cool stuff in a frst look, the logo & co. name is visible, the message is clear for Kingfisher. they hv positioned the billboard right over the jet's hoarding, the msg. given is clearly understood. bt, wait 1 this ethical frm a brand like Kingfisher??? i mean the wat they hv gained financially frm this, may be nothing, it looks so cheap... if they hv put this money in sm good ad. it would hv been gr8. ohhh...this is really crap now, its a clutter, all this look catchy in a frst shot, bt, to read it completly u hv to stop ur vehicle for a while & read it to understand its meaning. every1 is tryin to dwngrade every other. in the terms of communication, its a noise in the communication process. GoAir,a LCC is trying to show, its presences in between full service carriers. nice try. all this happened in our own Mumbai. if m nt, wrong in the month of march or april.
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