Friday, August 10, 2007

The re-branding & positioning of Air India !!!

As a marketing student, I thought to apply some marketing funda’s. That’s how I came up with an idea to find something on re- branding & positioning of Air India. The process of re-branding took place in 2005. DMA Branding a division of Aliagroup was given the task of re-branding the airline. DMA branding has done projects for many products & companies like Dabur, Ayush etc. The steps in the way to re-branding of Air India-

  1. Dropping of hyphen from its , name i.e. from “Air-India” to “Air India”.
  2. Tagline “Fly Well” adopted.
  3. Designing the seats (by DMA).
  4. New uniform (new look to traditional sari) designed by Ritu Beri.
  5. A graphic swan with Ashoka Chakra design. The positioning for Air India has been focused as a quality & premium traffic airline. The coverage of its new avatar has got excellent media hype. Advertising & Public relations have communicated its new image. Now, it’s the turn of word-of-mouth publicity. Air India is also planning to enter the prestigious Star Alliance (Air India may join Star Alliance after Dec. 2007). Star alliance is an alliance of int’l airlines airline which currently has17 members-

  1. Air Canada
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. ANA
  4. Asiana Airlines
  5. Austrian
  6. BMI
  7. LOT Polish Airlines
  8. Lufthansa
  9. SAS Scandinavian Airlines
  10. Singapore Airlines
  11. South African Airways
  12. Spanair
  13. Swiss
  14. TAP Portugal
  15. Thai
  16. United Airlines
  17. US Airways...

This is the second & only chance to have a pie of boomin Indian Aviation for Air India to grab this opportunity & become the most preferred airline in the world. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: Dig the Web!
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Anshul Sushil said...

Having worked in DMA Branding at a time when the project was on, I still remember the excitement, passion and creative excellence that behind the new look. It is good to read such things for the team. And I am sure, AI can definitely be back in the booming business if they get some strategies right - including top quality and delivering what they promise.

Rahul said...

hi anshul its great if i had make u feel good.
I just want to thank you and your team for giving that much needed wonderful look to our National Carrier...

Anonymous said...

I think you'd like to know the whole story here:

Anonymous said...

I think you may like the whole story here:


Rahul said...

Hey Arnab...
visited the link you gave... Grt to know that was your work... If possible kindly get in touch... visit my profile to get my mail id... may b v can do something which can be of beneficial for both of us...


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