Friday, August 31, 2007

The Air India Experience…

I was in Delhi on 24th & I would not like to discuss how I landed in Delhi, it was complete chaos for me… but, ya sure about my return flight to B’lore. I decided to fly by Air India (Indian), really a brave decision 4 me due, to all my previous experiences with the airline bt, I had made my mind for that. I flew with Air India, Delhi – Bangalore, 30th Aug., IC-403. I went to Airport counter on Sunday 26th to buy my tickets… the counter (with new Air India logo) was nearly empty with a short ‘Q’. my turn came n I asked for the 1630 hrs flight, the gentleman over there was a little confused stood up, strolled here n there for a few minutes changed his counter then, asked me to come over to that counter. Not a big deal 4 me n the whole ‘Q’ (although the short 1) shifted its counter. I again told my details etc. n asked for the cost, he said go to cash counter n pay…he he he… I went to cash counter n paid whatever I was asked to.
  • (fare- Rs. 3200 tax- Rs. 225+1100 = total Rs. 4525).

Luckily I checked the fare frm its site. Well this, a fair experience for me coz I know it works like this only…I dnt have much expectations frm it. on my scheduled date by 3 pm I was @ airport. Went to check-in counter n asked 4 aisle seat (this time also, very short ‘Q’, may b coz @ dat time there’s no rush). To my surprise I was awarded aisle seat, seat no. 10C (twice before, I asked 4 my preferences bt, was declined so I nvr I asked again, bt this time I jus did it). Everything went on smoothly, @ 1600 hrs passengers were asked to board the plane (hey, on-time). Now, the real experience was there, the plane was latest1. Aircraft registration no. VT-PPA (if I remember properly), which was delivered to IAL in July itself, (confirmed frm DGCA website). The aircraft was A-321, a 172 seater aircraft. Only 1 aircraft in its fleet ill now. “Air India” written on the plane. Entered the aircraft, saw the seats in economy class, enough leg-space, personalized TV screen. Flight took off nearly on scheduled time, flight time announced as 2.15 hrs for the flight. I will not bore u with wat they in snacks, it was as usual, bt, improved than b4. I would rather like to inform u abt the personalized TV, a touch-screen (can b operated frm handrest) 12 audio & video channels each.

  • Video channels - 02 channels showin same stuff.
  • channel 1&2 – English movie (Marc Lawrence directed “Music & Lyrics”, with Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore)
  • channel 3&4 – Hindi movie (Abhishek & Aishwarya starrer blockbuster – “Guru”).
  • Channel 5&6 – comedy shows (Hindi & English)
  • Channel 7&8 – Shows (Travel, sports etc.)
  • Channel 9&10 – Music Videos (hindi)
  • Channel 11&12 – south Indian songs (may be Kannada, as flight was to blore)
  • Audio channels - bear with my very limited knowledge of music.
  • Channel 1- Indian classical
  • Channel 2- western classical
  • Channel 3- Ghazals
  • Channel 4- Raga’s
  • Channel 5- classical (Tabla)
  • Channel 6- classical (Veena)
  • Channel 7- combo classical (many instruments)
  • Channel 8- Hindi songs (1980-90s)
  • Channel 9- Hindi songs (New)
  • Channel 10- south Indian songs
  • Channel 11- Oldies Hindi songs
  • Channel 12- south Indian songs

Well this was all about the entertainment system. A good way to compete head on with Kingfisher Airlines & Jet Airways. The only turn off was that there are too many announcements in b/n (jus too many even, tried to count bt, lost the count). Landing was also on time. B4 leavin the plane I said to an air hostess standing at the doors –“Excellent flight, Thank U”… to b honest I never said so in ny flight, nt even in my fav. Jet Airways (I wonder is Jet still my fav… hv to gv a serious thought).

A couple of suggestions –

  1. plz announce Air India & not Indian Airlines
  2. aunties (older than my mom, I can say so, coz my mom still dnt hv ny grey hair) as air hostess… he he he…

A-321 is available on routes Delhi-Mumbai-Thiruvanantpuram-Mumbai-Delhi, Delhi-Chennai-Delhi (02 flights), Delhi-Bangalore-Delhi & Chennai-Singapore-Chennai. Lets wait n watch hw far can this go… ***best of luck*** to it. All this has been my written by my own personal experience.

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it depends upon circumstances for that time experience could be varied, but somehow the whole air line service could be affected
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