Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Mind “Googling” Problem of Mumbai Airport …

Why I used the word “Googling” here because as Google find out search results, similarly the problems at Mumbai Airport has also some solutions may be correct or not, only time will tell. The forecast says it all that passenger traffic at Mumbai airport will increase to 50mn by 2012, so the need for a bigger airport has arisen. But, the current airport cannot be increase to that extent, so as to handle such a huge increase in passenger traffic. The solution lies in the form of airstrip @ Thane district (35km approx. from Mumbai). The plan is to transfer the smaller aircrafts from Mumbai to Thane airstrip and the larger aircrafts will be handled at Mumbai airport. The Mumbai airport has 88 night parking bays for planes, of which 24 are used by smaller aircraft. Small aircraft clogs traffic and the time they take in terms of navigation and runway use also reduces the speed. So if they (small aircrafts) are transferred to some other place then the space vacant can be used for bigger aircrafts. In this way Mumbai airport may come out of its problem. Well the benefit of using thane airstrip is that the space at Mumbai which is being occupied by smaller airplanes, that can be used for larger planes. So that the increased passenger traffic can be provided on time service. But as there are two sides of any coin, the problem will be that if I have a flight to catch the next connecting flight from Mumbai, how am I supposed to catch that one… :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: Directory of Aviation Blogs Seed Newsvine Dig the Web!

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