Friday, July 20, 2007

GAGAN- reducing the Flight time

GAGAN--> GPS-satellite Aided Geo Augmentd Navigation the name suggest its an airline navigation system being developed by AAI (Airport Authority of India)& ISRO (Indian Space Research Org.) in collaboration with Raytheon (US based aircraft & air defence manufacturing Co.)...this software will help in reducing the flight time significantly...after the implementation of GAGAN the signals will come frm satellite to refence stations thru-out the country which will correct them & uplink back to satellite, which will then transfer to aircrafts...Apart frm accuracy, the aircraft will plot its way thru shorter route, hence reducin flight time...its now goin under feasibility test, partly will b implemented in 2008 while completely by 2010...the present 80 air control towers will b replaced by 8 refrence towers @ Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Port Blair, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Jammu & Thiruvanantpuram (Trivendrum)...after that 8 more(if required) towers can be set up. Control center will b @Bangalore while one more @ Delhi could b set up as per requirement...shorter flight time will reduce fuel cost...the avg, fuel burn-out is 3.3kl per hour (it generally depends on the type of aircraft being used, bt here its taken as an avg. b/n A-320 & B-737)...the savings will b nearly Rs.1,25,000 per hour as the price of Jet Fuel is nearly Rs.38,000 per kl in India (as of week ending 14 Jul. 2007)...Airport charges will also fall, as it will b a major cost savin for AAI which in turn will b a cost savin 4 airlines also, as they would be payin lesser airport charges... :) :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: Directory of Aviation Blogs Seed Newsvine Dig the Web!

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