Friday, July 13, 2007

Charges @ Indian airports

a news item in business standard* appeared regarding charges at Indian airports are one of the highest in Aisa. there's sm facts n figures given that international flights pay33% more than domestic flights landing onthe same airport...due to that these flights r nt gettin value 4 money...the airport charges includes landing, navigational, route & facilitation and parking charges...the article has also compared the charges in India with various western countries...i have certain contentions regarding this first of all Indian airspace is heavily overcrowded...present airports r highly overused beyond their capacity...its nt that govt. is doin nothing, its also trying(modernisation & green field airports etc.)...besides this, most of the int'l flights lands @ Delhi or Mumbai airports which r over crowded & r goin under revamp. the airports of Del. n Mumbai cater to nearly 50% of the total air traffic in India...also, every govt. wants to subsidise its industry then, wats the harm in charging extra from int'l flights than the domestic flights. after all, they r source of revenue for the govt...& when the capacity of present airports will inc. govt. may plan to reduce airport charges...i personally think that let it be the govt. decide wat to charge frm whom...takin govt. on the wrong foot every time is not happening @ all... ... ... *(the mentioned article was published in Business-Standard dated 13 Jul, 2007 Page-3 or visit--> ) :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: Directory of Aviation Blogs Seed Newsvine Dig the Web!

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