Friday, February 8, 2008

Future Airports in India...

Presently India have 460 airports n airstrips. The Govt. now plans to have nearly 500 airports n airstrips in India by 2020. This will include the ongoing redevelopment of currently unused airports or little used airports and development of greenfield and cargo airports. There are another 368 landing strips that function as makeshift airports for limited purposes. As many as 156 belong to the defence or semi-defence sectors and various state governments while 63 are owned by the private sector. The peculiar situation in India is that air traffic is concentrated at a few key airports. They include 16 offering international services and another eight that connect domestic sectors. These 24 airports together account for a whopping 94 per cent of traffic and the balance is spread over 36 smaller or regional airports. A very liberal aviation policy is requires to reach the target of 500 full-fledged airports in the country, which has to be backed by an aggressive programme to upgrade existing small airports. Airport development in India is expected to be largely a private sector play in the near future.

Some state governments like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra have also identified as many as 15 airports for development.

Private conglomerates already run some airports like those in Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good on new and upcoming airports but what about infastructure? The way new airports are coming it more seems like money making by ministers. Atleast in the case of bangalore international airport it is very clear. There is no requirement of having a new airport when you have a full fledged airport with more than 10000ft of runway length available. New international airport would not only make the existing airport a waste but will also cause a disturbance to IAF flying at Yelahanka. Most probably they may have to move out too. Cant we decide what is the requirement and what would be loss incurred? i personally feel that government should hire some good consultants before taking any project of making a new airport. With lack of good roads or rail connectivity most of the people would resort to buses/rail to go to Chennai/ Hubli/ Mangalore/ Coimbtore/ Hyderabad etc. I felt the new airports are planned to help people but it looks other wise.

Rahul said...

I may agree that ministers are making money the way new airports are been constructed however, I dont completely agree that Blore dont need a new airport. Current airport is owned by HAL for its test flightsd etc. its even used by NAL & IAF. with the inflow of so many flights to blore it was difficult for all these companies to operate. therefore, Karnataka govt. decided to build a greenfield airport with the help of AAI.
regarding your comment on having a good consultant for the projects, the BIAL has Siemens GMbh (Germany) & Unique Zurich Airport as it shareholders. I dont beleive that these tow internationally renowned companies will enter to any project which dont have positive outlook & dont give good Return on Investments.
regarding your statement on good roads I totally agree on that theres a urgent requirement for the same.

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