Monday, February 18, 2008

Developments in Indian Aviation

Important Developments in Indian Aviation -
  • Four airlines given NOC to operate as Regional Airline – M/s. Star Aviation for Southern Region, Jagson Airlines for Northern Region, M/s. MDLR Airlines Pvt. Ltd., for Northern Region and M/s. Zav Airways for North-East/Eastern Region.
  • Air India will become the full-fledged member of the Alliance formally by 2009, when the IT Integration and other issues will be completed. Specialized teams at Air India, Star Alliance and its member carriers are now working on the integration process.
  • Approval given by Government to set up Greenfield airports in Kannur (Kerala), Navi Mumbai and about the international airport at Jewar, Greater Noida that is under the consideration.
  • Andhra Pradesh State Government announced the reduction in the sales tax on ATF from 33% to 4%.
more details about Zav Airways can be taken from


John said...

Nice post, great tips.

Rahul said...

Thanx John


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