Thursday, June 28, 2007

steps 4 posting comments...

hi frnds !!! many ppl. asked me how to post comments (gen. comments, queries etc.) on this blog. so i thaught to gv simple steps on the same --> step-1 choose the topic on which u wish to post a comment or query etc. below every topic there's "comment " written. step-2 click on the " comment ". a new web page will open. step-3 below the Leave your comment, cursor will be blinking in a blank box. type ur query or comment there. step-4 after typing ur comment, fill in the word verification. step-5 choose an identity as " other ". write ur name there. step-6 click on publish ur comment. then, i will approve the comment to appear it on the web page. i think now it will be a simple process for all my frnds. so, keep posting... happy blogging...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

information !!!

like 2 hv any information regarding any of the airline based out in India... doesn't matter low cost, full scheduled or in sm cases non-scheduled (charted airlines) also... jus gv a post I will try my best to reply asap... or if u wish to share it u r welcome...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

share experince (good or bad)...

Jet is my fav. bt in Indian (with which i dnt hv much gd exp.) on a Goa- B'lore last august or sep. it was awsome exp. aircraft was new (rarest case), flight attendent were humble(not easy to find), very good food. I lalways remember that flight bcoz I never expected that much from Indian... hats of to the Crew, for such a gr8 exp !!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my indigo (mosquito) experience

On 4th feb. 2007 I was flying by Indigo Airlines from Banglore to Delhi. It was a night flight. When I boarded the flight to my horor there were mosquitoes in the aircraft (A-320). When a fellow passenger complained for the same to the air-hostess, the HUMBLE air-hostess replied " sir I have not brought the mosquitoes from my home.................."

paramount for a stake in spice jet

I was just going thru the news on the websites when, my eyes strucked on the news that Chennai based Paramount Airways is looking for a 26% stake in New Delhi based Low Cost Carrier Spicejet for almost Rs. 500-600 crores. Even, Jet & Kingfisher is running for spicejet... Good to see that airline sector is going through consiladaton... may be they can again start running in profitability


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