Wednesday, June 20, 2007

share experince (good or bad)...

Jet is my fav. bt in Indian (with which i dnt hv much gd exp.) on a Goa- B'lore last august or sep. it was awsome exp. aircraft was new (rarest case), flight attendent were humble(not easy to find), very good food. I lalways remember that flight bcoz I never expected that much from Indian... hats of to the Crew, for such a gr8 exp !!!

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sachin said...

i do agree wid you completly bro. bcos i also have a terrible experience wid indian during my flight. during my flight from bglr to delhi there is some weather problem due to which flight move up and down. due to which one small child gets sick and feels to be vomitted but there is no sickness bag on her seat due to which her parents gets tensed too much bcos they cant move her to freshroom as plane was moving terribly up and down and it cud hurt her if she stands up.... another thing i would like to point out is the quality of food being served.. its awful. :-(


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