Saturday, November 12, 2011

"You Matter" from Kingfisher Airlines

I received below email from Kingfisher Airlines last night.
Dear Mr. Chauhan,Membership No. *********
On behalf of Kingfisher Airlines, I am grateful to you for your support and patronage of our services. I would like to take this opportunity to update you on recent developments at Kingfisher Airlines vis-a-vis media reports on our performance.
As you are aware, the Indian Aviation Industry has been faced with the difficult task of coping with high costs and lower yields. Post considerable thought and deliberation, Kingfisher Airlines has rolled out initiatives that aim to drive the long-term profitability in our efforts to meet these challenges.
As announced earlier, we have decided to focus on the full-service market; to this end Kingfisher Airlines has initiated reconfiguration of its aircraft. This exercise will require few of our aircraft to be out of service for the next few weeks. Ergo and in line with maximizing productivity we have rationalized our network, resulting in a temporary discontinuation of approximately 50 flights out of our current operating schedule of approximately 350 departures per day. Once the reconfiguration is complete, these aircraft will be pressed back into service immediately. Clearly the report about our flights being cancelled owing to the supposed exodus of pilots appears to be falsified.
Our service commitment to you remains sacrosanct, and we have taken every measure to reduce any inconvenience caused due to the temporary changes in schedule. Please accept my sincere apologies in case you have been inconvenienced on this account; I truly appreciate your support, and thank you for your understanding.
I look forward to your continued patronage and remain,
Yours sincerely
One of my reader (I would call him "V") owes this mess on the Merger of Air Deccan & Kingfisher Airlines, he has following interesting points. He was with Air Deccan at that point -

In Kingfisher - Deccan merger there was no exact plan of merger at all. All the plans were by the junior level staff (DGM and below) to kick out efficient and better staff Deccan. The loss of Kingfisher is mainly because of un necessary expenses and un controlled number of Managers with heavy pay.

For ex -In Deccan Flt Ops was running with 10 staff with a Single Manager. Manager can contact any department directly and report to Chief pilot/VP.

I agree the number of Dispatchers are less than required, since the self briefing system is introduced, all the related issues where addressed to HQ dispatcher and effectively very less problem observed.

In Kingfisher a normal base dispatch was with 9 Dispatchers 14-16 Ops officers, 5-6 peons, 1 Manager or 2-3 Asst managers, On SM+ Base vise roaster 7-8 people .SM will report to DGM then to GM Then to chief pilot. This is regarding staffing.

If you look into the flight planning there is no effective tankering was there more over too many pilots used to take additional fuel saying some reasons.

Layover was another issue. Without lay over or with reduced lay over company can use 9 to 9.5 crew ratio effectively and the usage will be more.

Well, these are some points to consider, V also says that one can make a PhD Thesis itself why the merger was a failure.

I feel its a very tragic end to a well nourished Brand (Its brand is more powerful than the company).


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