Thursday, September 9, 2010

Indian PM orders Air India to resume Gulf flights...

The Indian government has overturned Air India’s decision to cancel some of its flights to the Gulf.

Indian Prime Minister has directly intervened to reverse the Air Indian decision and assure cabinet members from Kerala that the airline would continue to operate flights to the Gulf.

However, Air India has not yet been made aware of the government intervention. On Saturday, Air India Express announced that it would be canceling 75 flights from Kerala to the Gulf, including those to Muscat, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Air India was also set to cancel 203 flights to the region from India. The airline blamed the decision on a lack of cabin crew to operate the flights.

My Views -

  1. Should Govt. intervene in any of the PSU's operations directly overturning their decision.
  2. Even so when the Airline is making huge losses in thousand's of crores which is being covered from the tax payer's pocket.
  3. Also, the Govt. is not willing to bail off the Airline so easily & paying off its debt. Then, why intervening in its operational decisions.
  4. What a mockery Air India has. On one hand it says its highly overstaff (32,000) people which is nearly 200+ people per aircraft & on the other hand its canceling flights due to lack of cabin crew.
  5. Even if the Airline is short staff in one particular department how will Govt. make sure that they will operate flights without putting passengers life at stake.
Is the Govt./Airline listening?

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