Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Indian Aviation dying steadily & quickly...

I was just going through the sites of couple of airlines to know the fare structure. I was surprised to see that the tax charged is more than Rs3500/- per ticket. The ticket price for Delhi-Mumbai on a GoAir flight was just Rs. 885/- & rest was the taxes. I still remember those days (just 6-7 yrs back) when one need to pay just Rs. 225/- as charges over a ticket. So who is responsible for this. I totally believe that its the Govt. All airlines are in red, whatever any body may say or claim but the truth us none of them is making money. All are losing tonnes of cash. Even for the condition of Air India, which is now struggling to even pay salaries. Govt. may say that it has liberlised the industry & has come up with Open Sky policy. All this is really bullshit. Aviation Ministers' have made crores & crores of money (present & past). No clear policies on any thing. Be it airport infrastructure or any other facility. There is no point that LCC airlines will survive in India. They need budget & smaller airports to operate. Future is really bleak for this industry, beacuse of Govt. apathy. Soon there will be a time that there will be 2-3 airlines (max.) if things dont change. All the rosy picture shown will just fade away. If govt do not do any thing concretely, trust me on this future is dark. A black spot.

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