Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elections & General Aviation India...

With general eletions looming around in India, it brings a big hope for all charter companies which are facing the economic slowdown. As corporates have cut thier charter movement significantly, these elections are a big hope for all charter operators. With political parties ready to spend big bucks these elctions may become a boon for all the charter operators. Even regional parties are not shying away to invest in charters. Helicopters are favorites for all politicians as they can land on each & every voters back yard. Aircrafts (turbo-prop or Jet) are also a liked for fast movements. Hoping these elections may revive all charter companies.


Anonymous said...

It also will bring along with it safety issues. With continouous flying from prepared and unprepared surfaces the risk factor inceases considerably. Also the prevalent weather in the North is going to take its toll on the crew. Sanjay

Ray said...

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Anna said...

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