Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aircraft Fractional Ownership & India...

I was wondering why I have never posted about any of the charted airlines, even though i did my internship in a charted airline. Let me break this unsaid rule. With so much hype of B-jets (entering in India, Tata has stake in this) & Netjets offering what is known as Aircraft Fractional Ownership (AFO). Being the only person in India (i think so) who has done a project on Aircraft Fractional Ownership (I did a my Internship with Club One Air on the project titled - "Feasibility of Aircraft Fractional Ownership in India"), i believe its my duty to tell my readers about this AFO thing. The concept of AFO can best known on Netjets website, as this company introduced the concept to the world. I would like to cover issues pertaining to AFO in specifically in India. These issues are a roadblock to this concept-
  1. Inappropriate Infrastructure.
  2. Charted Flights are not allowed to take off on busy timings.
  3. Secondary preference given to charted flights.
  4. Even Indian Corporates love to have discounts in AFO, how these players will overcome that.
  5. Indians dont love to share thier vehicles, how they will share an aircraft.
Well I will not discuss my findings but, these are the million dollar question to be answered.

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